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      Ministerial Services

Dear Community Members,

 I am Pastor Mike Ilioi, and it is with great humility and a profound sense of purpose that I offer my ministerial services to our cherished communities. With a steadfast commitment to fostering unity and compassion, I have dedicated significant time and effort to various forms of community service.

 My journey as a minister and pastor has seen me engage in a wide range of activities that extend well beyond the walls of our local church. I have tirelessly delivered weekly religious services, provided pastoral care and spiritual guidance to members of our community, convened prayer meetings, conducted baptism services, officiated weddings, and offered solace through funeral ceremonies. I approach these diverse roles with an unwavering belief in the values of tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion, recognizing them as the cornerstones of humanitarian principles. These principles are illuminated by the love and truth of the Almighty God, encapsulated in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 As I continue to nurture and strengthen our community bonds, I extend an open invitation for you to reach out to me through our contact form, by phone, or via email. I am privileged to offer my ministerial services free of charge to our communities, and it would be an honor to respond to your service requests.

                           May God's blessings be upon you and may His guidance and grace guide our collective path.


                                                                                     Pastor Mike Ilioi

     Would love to hear from you

My passion and purpose have always been to help others find their faith and to provide guidance through life's challenges. Whether you need pastoral counseling, support, or simply someone to talk to, I am here for you. I believe that through faith and love, anything is possible, and I am eager to help you experience that same positivity in your life.

Thanks for submitting!

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